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Concrete Repair and Maintenance

Watch out for warning signs that your concrete needs repair. You might notice cracked bricks or partially turned walls or misaligned doors and windows. Maybe your floors do not seem level anymore, or parts of it have funk. Pay attention to this, and we can inspect your foundation.

foundation repair

Foundation Repair

Foundation repair is the key to keeping your home structure intact. It’s best to fix issues before the structural damage progresses. Tend to all settled or uneven foundation floors and walls as soon as possible.

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Concrete Sealers

Different kinds of concrete sealers can be used during the repair process. You can use sealants as a filling for existing chips, cracks and other blemishes. Sealers also provide preventative measures against traffic wear and tear and harsh outdoor elements.

concrete crack repair

Concrete Crack Repair

If the cracks are small enough, a few simple repair actions can fix the problem. We will help you fill and seal the crevices before they worsen. In the process, we will make your concrete look new and match your desired design.

concrete cleaning

Concrete Cleaning

We provide specialized equipment and degreasers along with all-purpose cleansers for use in concrete cleaning. Our professionals are happy to take this sometimes-time-consuming task off your hands. If you want to extend the life of your concrete, preserve it with our cleaning services.

concrete cutting

Concrete Cutting

We provide all types of concrete cutting for section removals as well as for creating distinct designs. Techniques we apply work for most surfaces including floors, countertops, furniture and walls. We cut to precision for all areas both indoors and outdoors.

Concrete Removal

Sometimes, it’s time for a change. Reno Concrete Pros offers specialized concrete removal services for replacement, repair or upgrades of your driveways, walkways, countertops and more.

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