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Outdoor Concrete

We provide you endless options for installation or maintenance of outdoor concrete. Look at some of the design ideas we provide for driveways, patios, walkways and pavers. We even offer solutions for outdoor kitchens, pool decks and fireplaces, and we also provide concrete walls.

concrete pool deck

Concrete Pool Decks

Now you can receive all services related to concrete pool decks. This includes repairs, retreating and sealing. We will fill in any cracks or holes or resurface the entire cement if your situation calls for it and we could treat it with slip-resistant coating to make it safe for walking.

concrete flatwork

Concrete Flatwork

Concrete flatwork demands that the pouring of the cement creates a precisely flat surface. It also could require the outcome be completely smooth. However, you probably could request textured flatwork in certain areas of your property. The key is to make sure it’s absolutely level.

concrete patio

Concrete Patios

By now, you probably have seen pictures of patio designs on our site. Gone are the days when you require only plain cement. You can have your outdoor gathering surfaces textured, polished or treated for usage during your yard parties or just when you want to sit outside by yourself.

concrete fireplace

Outdoor Fireplace

It’s hard to compete with the safety of any kind of rock material when building an outdoor fireplace. Now, you can have the appearance of brick or stone – or even make it look like wood without worrying that it will burn. Authentic fireplaces are carefully crafted with your exterior design preference in mind.

concrete kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens and Counters

What better way to serve your guests outside in style? You’ll love the elegance of the food prep surfaces, storage areas, bars and sinks. Enjoy a practical, weather-proofed and attractive outdoor kitchen area.

concrete Reno NV

Concrete Walkways

Add them for curb appeal or provide your household and guests elegant walking paths all around your estate. They offer both artistic expression and can be treated for making them last decades. Have them stained, colored or stamped – whatever you like.

concrete walls

Concrete Walls

Forget wooden fences around your property. You can install concrete walls for both decorative and privacy purposes. Use concrete indoors for similar reasons. Choose from a plethora of options, and you are sure to find some that suit your current home and yard designs.

concrete paveres

Concrete Pavers

Place them anywhere you would prefer walking on concrete instead of grass. They come in endless styles and designs including octagon, semi-circle, interlocking and more. You can even mix textures if you want to create a unique appeal.

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