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At Reno Concrete Pros, one of the best concrete companies in Reno, we take pride in the quality of our work and we are dedicated to meeting and exceeding all of our clients expectations.  We are the concrete contractors Reno NV locals can rely on to get the job done right. Our hardworking professionals consistently focus on producing the quality results that the situation calls for. We understand how important our services are to the condition and value of your property, and we assure you that your project will receive our full attention regardless of how small or large the project is.

Concrete Contractors Reno NV

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Concrete is the ideal building material for patios, flooring, countertops and more. Regardless of whether you want liquid concrete for a do-it-yourself project or you are searching for an experienced concrete contractor Reno NV to assist with the installation work, you can conveniently gather all of the information you need here. From concrete cleaning to the installation of decorative concrete and even the construction of a concrete home, hiring the right contractor for your project is important. Your contractor selection may affect everything from the beautiful appearance of the finished work to its longevity over the years and more. What type of concrete contractor Reno NV are you searching for?

Decorative Concrete Reno NV

Hello, and welcome to Reno Concrete Pros, serving Reno, NV. We are your all-inclusive resource for indoor and outdoor concrete floors, driveways, sidewalks, countertops, sinks and more.  Our experts provide overlays, polishing, resurfacing, dyes, staining and stamping. You will be amazed by the extent of available concrete maintenance, decoration and installation options available. Please spend as much time browsing our site pages as possible to learn more.

While many people are drawn to concrete as a construction material because of its durability and affordability, its benefits also include design flexibility. When concrete is installed by a skilled team of concrete contractors Reno NV, the material can be stained, scored, dyed and transformed using other techniques. Whether you intend to install a new patio, flooring or other features using this resilient material, you need to find a reputable Reno concrete contractors locals trust to produce the results you want.

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Decorative ConcreteGrey, drab concrete is no longer the only option. You can now choose from a multitude of stains, textures and patterns placed both indoors and outdoors. Now enjoy decorative floors, walls, walkways, driveways, fireplaces and more.

Stained Concrete: Stained concrete applies techniques you can’t achieve by simple painting. Staining replicates polished marble, conditioned leather, stained wood or natural stones. It provides a luminescent appearance that can brighten up any indoor surface. It makes floors easier to clean too.

Concrete OverlaysGone are the days when you only have two choices – asphalt or grey concrete. You can be proud of your driveway now once you choose the decorative scheme suitable for the front or side of your home. There’s no end to the ideas for decorative concrete overlays you can install wherever you park your vehicles.

Concrete ResurfacingChances are, you don’t need to replace your entire driveway. Sometimes, all you need is resurfacing. If so, you have plenty of texturing options that would make your driveway look new again. As the resurface texture or pattern is applied, it can also immediately seal the damaged spots. It’s also possible to repair patios and pool decks as well as indoor surfaces by maintaining the ones you have now.

Stamped Concrete Reno NVThe stamping technique gives you the look of stone or brick at a reduced cost. There’s no need for you to worry about the quality either. Concrete holds up for a long time and has the look of premium brick or stone, and it can be less time-consuming to install than individual pieces. It could also mimic wood, tile or slate but requires minimal maintenance.  Reno Concrete Pros specializes in stamped concrete Reno

Concrete Dyes: You don’t like the boring color of your concrete? If not, you can color it however you please. Concrete dyes can match your siding, trim and shutters outdoors. Inside, dyes could coordinate with your walls, doorways, countertops and more.

Concrete Polishing: If you want to stop waxing your floor, concrete polishing is your solution. You can make both old and new floors shine, and it not only works for homes but commercial, retail and industrial buildings. Enjoy the appeal for years to come with little maintenance.

Colored ConcreteYou can have fun with colored concrete. Mix and match a variety of dark and light shades and create the right ambiance both indoors and outdoors. Applications include pool sides, driveways, walking paths and indoor flooring or countertops.

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If you’re looking for a smart alternative to expensive hardwood or marble flooring? Call the guys who are the best at Reno concrete.  When decorative techniques are used properly, concrete can take on the look of authentic wood planks, natural stone, marble and a variety of other coveted materials. Surprisingly, decorative concrete may cost a fraction of what these materials would cost. Plus, it is easy to maintain and has exceptionally long life span. 

While there are a seemingly endless array of decorative techniques and color combinations that can be used to produce the perfect effect that you are looking for, the techniques require considerable skill from an experienced team of specialists. Whether you select polishing service for the installation of concrete countertops Reno or you have any other exciting options in mind, this is a true investment. When properly done, decorative concrete can improve your home’s ambience, aesthetics and value. How can you find a concrete specialist to do amazing work in your home? Simply complete the form, and a reputable concrete contractor Reno NV will be in touch soon.

While concrete is heavily used outdoors, such as for sidewalks, driveways and more, it offers exciting possibilities for inside the home. Several concrete companies in Reno specialize in indoor installation services. Because interior concrete features will become a fixed addition to your home, you cannot afford to take chances with the quality of the workmanship and the materials.

Indoor Concrete


Inside the home, concrete can be polished to perfection to create a smooth, durable surface. This technique may be combined with staining, stamping, scoring and other techniques to give your new concrete feature the perfect decorative touch. While there are many concrete contractors Reno NV that offer concrete installation services, finding a reputable contractor that specializes in indoor installation work could be more challenging. To get a quote for your indoor concrete project, request an estimate by filling out the online form today.

Are you wondering what some of the more popular uses of indoor concrete in Reno NV are? The right contractor may offer indoor installation services for concrete floors, concrete countertops and basement floors


Indoor Concrete

You might not even have time for all the indoor concrete choices available! If not, that’s a good problem to have. Select from an array of colors, textures, stamps, designs and more. Mimic wood, stone, marble or tile. Place them anywhere in your home you like. Polish the surfaces or don’t. It’s up to you.

Concrete countertops Reno can help you achieve the look of polished marble, granite wood or other surface without as much expense. These surfaces last, but they also are easier to clean than porous countertops.

Concrete Floors: A unlimited selection of flooring options awaits you. You can customize the styles, textures, colors and surfaces of your concrete floors. Have them polished or stained or if you prefer a matte appearance, try that. They will enhance any surface, countertop or even cabinets in any room or outdoors.

Garage Floor Coatings: Whether you perform your own automobile maintenance or not, garage floors sometimes take a beating. We recommend that you choose from one of our floor coatings to prevent spilled oil and other fluids from seeping deep into the concrete pores. It also prevents damage otherwise caused by engine leaks. You can also more easily remove paint, glue or other hobby or workshop materials from a coated floor.

Basement floors: are a primary component of your home’s entire foundation. Whatever action you can take to preserve them, that will add to the sturdiness of your entire structure. Treated floors prevent water from damaging your ground-level flooring. Sealing of the surfaces works well, especially if you have in-floor radiant heating installed beneath concrete slabs.

Outdoor Concrete

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Many materials will take on a weathered or aged look when they are exposed to the elements. Others require heavy maintenance to keep them looking great. The perfect alternative to various less durable materials is concrete. With excellent workmanship from your Reno concrete contractor, you can improve your home with a new concrete feature.

Outdoor Concrete Reno NV: We provide you endless options for installation or maintenance of outdoor concrete. Look at some of the design ideas we provide for driveways, patios, walkways and pavers. We even offer solutions for outdoor kitchens, pool decks and fireplaces, and we also provide concrete walls.

Concrete Pool Decks: Now you can receive all services related to concrete pool decks. This includes repairs, retreating and sealing. We will fill in any cracks or holes or resurface the entire cement if your situation calls for it and we could treat it with slip-resistant coating to make it safe for walking.

Concrete flatwork demands that the pouring of the cement creates a precisely flat surface. It also could require the outcome be completely smooth. However, you probably could request textured flatwork in certain areas of your property. The key is to make sure it’s absolutely level.

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Outdoor Fireplace: It’s hard to compete with the safety of any kind of rock material when building an outdoor fireplace. Now, you can have the appearance of brick or stone – or even make it look like wood without worrying that it will burn. Authentic fireplaces are carefully crafted with your exterior design preference in mind.

Concrete Patio Reno: By now, you probably have seen pictures of patio designs on our site. Gone are the days when you require only plain cement. You can have your outdoor gathering surfaces textured, polished or treated for usage during your yard parties or just when you want to sit outside by yourself.

Concrete Walkways: Add them for curb appeal or provide your household and guests elegant walking paths all around your estate. They offer both artistic expression and can be treated for making them last decades. Have them stained, colored or stamped – whatever you like.

Outdoor Kitchens and Counters: What better way to serve your guests outside in style? You’ll love the elegance of the food prep surfaces, storage areas, bars and sinks. Enjoy a practical, weather-proofed and attractive outdoor kitchen area.

Concrete Walls: Forget wooden fences around your property. You can install concrete walls for both decorative and privacy purposes. Use concrete indoors for similar reasons. Choose from a plethora of options, and you are sure to find some that suit your current home and yard designs.

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Building With Concrete Reno NV

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The exceptional qualities of concrete can be applied to an extensive range of items in and for the home. More than that, these qualities make concrete a great material to use for the actual construction of the home. For both house construction and furniture creation, concrete contractors Reno NV require extensive knowledge of the properties of concrete and the property techniques to make structures that can withstand exposure to the elements, heavy weight and other forces while standing upright. With this in mind, finding the right contractor to do the work is crucial to enjoying the beautiful results that you can appreciate for years to come.  Concrete furniture is also increasingly popular inside the home. Because of its unique traits, it is often used to produce products for homes with a modern or contemporary style. However, its applications are far more extensive because of the many creative ways to use concrete. Decorative concrete techniques add to the possibilities.

Building With Concrete has many benefits. The most important is that it can cut your climate-control costs, but they also help your home withstand harsh weather conditions. You can build partial or full concrete walls.

Concrete Pavers Reno NV: Place them anywhere you would prefer walking on concrete instead of grass. They come in endless styles and designs including octagon, semi-circle, interlocking and more. You can even mix textures if you want to create a unique appeal.

Concrete HomesOne thing about constructing concrete homes is they don’t require your house to look like stones or bricks. You can use this material for the durability and energy efficiency factors. However, you might want the concrete to imitate a wood-frame house.

Concrete Driveways Reno: It wasn’t long ago when deciding on a driveway material was easy: asphalt or concrete. Today, the “concrete” choice has expanded to include an astounding array of decorative options. Sometimes referred to as a cement driveway or as painted concrete, decorative concrete is one of the most reasonable ways to spruce up the entrance to your home.

Concrete basements provide you that sense of security you want in a home. Using concrete will help regulate the temperature of your house and will provide strong foundational support.

Concrete Furniture: Have fun mixing and matching a variety of cabinets, countertops, sinks, tables and more. They work well with the textured floors and coordinate well with drapes, fixtures and more.

Experts on concrete masonry can utilize the strength and durability of the material to create products that hold up well to the test of time. Concrete furniture is particularly appealing for use outside the home. These products may include everything from benches and tables to stools, chairs, fire pits and more. During the creation process, the concrete must be molded perfectly and without air pockets or other potential issues that could weaken the furniture. The concrete also should be smoothed and polished for many types of furniture.

Concrete masonry also applies to the exterior house walls and basements. Concrete has incredible insulative properties. At the same time, it is durable enough to hold up well to wind, rain, UV rays and other natural elements. Because concrete is not damaged by exposure to water, it is ideal for use in basements.

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Reno Concrete Repair and Maintenance

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concrete Reno NV

Some of the primary reasons why concrete is so popular for the creation of everything from patios to the walls of a home, countertops and more is because of its durability. While concrete can hold up flawlessly for decades, it may require some maintenance and repair services from time to time. Concrete driveway repair can help you to maximize the life of your concrete driveway.

As concrete dries and cures, hairline fractures can develop. While these are usually cosmetic, they can set the stage for more significant damage down the road that impacts the structural integrity and strength of the concrete. Larger cracks may signify more extensive or serious concrete damage, and this can affect your ability to use the structures fully and safely. Whether you have small fissures in concrete that was recently poured, such as for your patio or concrete driveway, or the cracks have developed over time and may be larger, professional repair work is essential. When repairs are completed properly by Reno Concrete Pros, the most reputable concrete companies in Reno, the longevity of the concrete features can be maximized. At the same time, the concrete will retain its aesthetic appeal.

Both indoor and outdoor concrete features can become increasingly filthy over time. Mildew growth, ground-in dirt and other elements can make the features look unsightly, and they can impact how you use them. Sealing concrete regularly may protect it from developing many types of repair issues. In addition, sealing it may prevent the accumulation of some types of filth, and it could reduce the risk of some damage. 

Reno Concrete Repair and MaintenanceWatch out for warning signs that your concrete needs repair. You might notice cracked bricks or partially turned walls or misaligned doors and windows. Maybe your floors do not seem level anymore, or parts of it have funk. Pay attention to this, and we can inspect your foundation.

Foundation repair is the key to keeping your home structure intact. It’s best to fix issues before the structural damage progresses. Tend to all settled or uneven foundation floors and walls as soon as possible.

Concrete Sealers: Different kinds of concrete sealers can be used during the repair process. You can use sealants as a filling for existing chips, cracks and other blemishes. Sealers also provide preventative measures against traffic wear and tear and harsh outdoor elements.

Concrete Crack Repairf the cracks are small enough, a few simple repair actions can fix the problem. We will help you fill and seal the crevices before they worsen. In the process, Reno Concrete Pros will make your concrete look brand new and match your desired design.

Concrete CleaningWe provide specialized equipment and degreasers along with all-purpose cleansers for use in concrete cleaning. Our professionals are happy to take this sometimes-time-consuming task off your hands. If you want to extend the life of your concrete, preserve it with our cleaning services.

Reno Concrete CuttingWe provide all types of concrete cutting for section removals as well as for creating distinct designs. Techniques we apply work for most surfaces including floors, countertops, furniture and walls. We cut to precision for all areas both indoors and outdoors.

Concrete RemovalSometimes, it’s time for a change. We offer specialized concrete removal services for replacement, repair or upgrades of your driveways, walkways, countertops and more.

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The Extensive Uses of Concrete

When you walk down city or suburban streets and even when you look around your own property, you may see concrete in use on a wide range of features. From sidewalks to decorative garden containers, stools in parks and even walls on buildings, concrete has extensive versatility and desirable properties.

The first recorded use of concrete was by the ancient Romans. They utilized a mixture of water, lime and volcanic ash to create a material that hardened as it dried. While the concrete that is used today has been refined and improved since that time, even the material that the Romans used thousands of years ago has held up beautifully. In fact, you can find the Roman’s version of concrete still on display in the Pantheon’s dome.

This is only one example of many modern uses of concrete. While it is often used for patios, driveways and other features close to home, it has also been used to create structures like the Trump International Hotel. This is the world’s largest concrete building currently. Concrete has also been used extensively in ways that have transformed modern life. For example, imagine how different the world would look and be if concrete was not available for use on city sidewalks, bridges and road curbs. It is also used in combination with asphalt to construct roadways around the world that are used daily by billions of people.

The affordability of concrete may make it desirable for your personal uses, but you can see that its strength, its ability to be molded and decorated and its other traits make it essential for many other uses. To make full use of its benefits at home, however, the concrete must be properly mixed. In the modern world, concrete may seem so common that you might assume that the material is easy to work with. In addition to mixing the concrete properly, the material also must be expertly installed, molded and decorated to ensure that it has the longevity and functionality that you desire. With this in mind, hiring a skilled Reno concrete contractor to do the work for you is essential.

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